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Dance Classes

Peak Dance Mission Statement

Our Mission is to focus on teaching proper technique in a fun and well-mannered atmosphere, as well as to impress upon the students the love of art and of dance. We want to motivate and inspire students to be not only the best in dance, but their best in life.

Why study dance at the Peak?

  • Highly trained and qualified teachers
  • Low costume fees
  • Customer Service - Our staff, website & app are always available to answer any questions
  • Performance and Recital Opportunities

Clothing & dress requirements

  • Leotard preferred or tight fitting shorts & tee
  • Shoes for Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Shoes for Love2Dance: Black Jazz Shoes
  • Shoes for Hip Hop: Tennis Shoes
  • Shoes for all other classes: Ballet Shoes
  • Hair must be pulled back

Luv2Dance: Ages 3+

  • Learn ballet technique
  • Incorporating jazz fundamentals
  • High energy hip hop introduced
  • Teaching focuses on learning to love all styles of dance

Class length 1 hour (45 minutes for 3 year olds)

Hip Hop: Ages 6+

  • Develop funky style of hop hop with the technical side of jazz
  • Learn isolations and improve flexibility
  • Improving body awareness, agility and strength

Class length 1 hour

Ballet: Ages 6 to 12

  • Learn classical ballet with emphasis on correct body alignment and technique
  • Class includes barre exercises, center floor work and accross the floor combinations
  • Teaching discipline of ballet while instilling a love for dance

Class length: 1 hour

Dance/Tumble Combo

  • 45 minutes of dance & 45 minutes of tumbling
  • Ballet emphasis with strong technique along with jazz & hip hop
  • Tumbling skills needed for dance, aerials, back walkovers & more

Class length 1.5 hours

Tumble 4 Dance/Cheer

Learn specific tumbling skills needed for cheer and dance. Aerials, back walkovers, back handsprings, tuck and much more. Curriculum catered to meet each individual’s needs.

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