Luv2Dance | Hip Hop | Ballet | Dance/Tumble Combination

Dance Classes

Why study dance at the Peak?
  • Focus is on technical training without all the fuss of a large recital
  • Highly trained and qualified teachers
  • No costume fees
  • Customer Service - Our staff, website & app are always availabe to answer any questions
  • Two in-house showcase opportunities with very minimal costs

Clothing & dress requirements

  • Leotard preferred or tight fitting shorts & tee
  • Shoes fort Hip Hop: Tennis Shoes
  • Shoes for all other classes: Ballet Shoes
  • Hair must be pulled back

Luv2Dance: Ages 3+

  • Learn ballet technique
  • Incorporating jazz fundamentals
  • High energy hip hop introduced
  • Teaching focuses on learning to love dance

Class length 1 hour (45 minutes for 3 year olds)

Hip Hop: Ages 6+

  • Develop funky style of hop hop with the technical side of jazz
  • Learn isolations and improve flexibility
  • Improving body awareness, agility and strength

Class length 1 hour

Ballet: Ages 6 to 12

  • Learn classical ballet with emphasis on correct body alignment and technique
  • Class includes barre exercises, center floor work and accross the floor combinations
  • Teaching discipline of ballet while instilling a love for dance

Class length: 1 hour

Dance/Tumble Combo

  • 45 minutes of dance & 45 minutes of tumbling
  • Ballet emphasis with strong technique along with jazz & hip hop
  • Tumbling skills needed for dance, aerials, back walkovers & more

Class length 1.5 hours

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