Mini Parkour-Super hero:
Ages 6-11 years

The class is the art of movement in which you train the body and mind to overcome obstacles. A parkour practitioner uses their surroundings to improve their ability to move in space. By interacting with obstacles, the athlete becomes more comfortable controlling his body and navigating any terrain. Parkour is the discipline of training, physical and technical, to heighten the body’s natural movement elements such as strength, speed, balance, coordination, precision, power, and endurance. Learn the sport of free-running/parkour. Leap over large objects, wall flips and much more.


  • $48 per month Fall/Spring Session

Schedule: Click here to see a schedule

Note: If the blue 'register' button is not present, on the schedule, the class is full. Call our front desk (435-723-1280) for other options.

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