Peak Swim School

The PEAK offers experienced, Red Cross and WSI certified instructors and a pool designed specifically for teaching! Our class ratio is 6:1. This keeps your child safe and offers personal instruction. The instruction is designed to show daily progress. Our pool is heated to 90 degrees so children stay comfortable.

  • * 40-minute lessons
  • * (Parent/Child lessons are 30 minutes)
  • * 8 lesson sessions
  • * Morning & evening classes
  • * Classes for ages 12 months to adults
  • * Private lessons available
  • * Family discounts available

Fees: Start at $55 per session

Here is a link to our Spring Swim registration (May 26 - June 4)

Click here to register for Spring Swim

We recommend two consecutive sessions for maximum results

Schedule of Summer Sessions for 2015

  • * August 17-20 will be use for make ups in the event of cancelled classes due to bad weather

Class Descriptions Indicate Skills To Be Taught

(Note the ages listed)


  • Ages 12 mths - 3 yrs
  • Breath control
  • Kicking
  • Back float with assistance
  • Jumping in with assistance
  • Swimming from instructor to parent

Level 1:
  • Ages 3 yrs and up
  • Breath control
  • Submerge head
  • Front and Back float with assistance

Level 2:
  • Ages 4 yrs and up
  • Front and Back float
  • Retrieve objects from bottom
  • Jump in unassisted
  • Begin front and back crawl arms

Level 2B:

Child has taken Level 2 for at least two sessions. Needs help with backstroke and front crawl so they can move to Level 3.

Level 3:
  • Front crawl with side breathing
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Begin treading water
  • Begin breast-stroke

Level 3B:

Child has taken Level 3 for at least two sessions. Can swim in deep water but cannnot swim all the way across the pool.

Level 4:
  • Front crawl with bi-lateral breathing
  • Treading water
  • Surface dives
  • Breast-stroke

Advanced Stroke:
  • Butterfly
  • Turns
  • Stroke work

Private Lessons: Call 435-723-1280

Or click here to register online

Peak Swim School Policies:

  • *100% of swim tuition is due at time of registration
  • *No make-up classes or refunds for personal absences
  • *No cash refunds
  • *We reserve the right to combine or cancel classes with low enrollment
  • *Saturdays are reserved for "foul weather" days; determined by the director (please call 1/2 hour prior to scheduled class for "foul weather" confirmation)

* We reserve the right to cancel any class or combine classes due to enrollment

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