Power Tumbling:
Ages: 6 years and up

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For the kids who love to flip, we have the perfect class! Tumbling and trampoline take that natural desire and add the safety of progressions and proper instruction to elevate your athlete. Tumblers will utilize a wide array of equipment such as trampolines, incline mats, tumble trax, rod floors, bungee and over-head spotting systems to assist their learning. Strength and flexibility are a main focus in this program and will be instrumental to the success of your athlete.

The class is one (1) hour in length and our low student/teacher ratio of 8:1 assures safety and close supervision of your children.


  • Fall/Spring Session is $55 per month
  • $140 for 11 week Summer Session

Tumbling Levels/Descriptions:

  • Beginning Tumbling Class
  • This class is specifically structured for the athlete who has good cartwheels and round offs. Student will learn proper stretching techniques to help them develop front limbers, back walkovers and back handspring progressions.
  • Back Handspring Class
  • This class is for those who have conquered their back handspring and are ready to move into round off and back handsprings, front walkovers, aerials, and series of back handsprings. Athletes must have an independent back handspring to be in this class.
  • Series and Somi Class
  • Tumblers will have the opportunity to advance their tumbling by focusing on running back handspring series and back tucks. This class also introduces whips and tumbling combinations. Athletes must have completed the back handspring class or have a skill evaluation to register for this class.
  • Advanced Tumbling Class
  • It's time to add twisting to your strong tumbling technique! Learn your full twisting back straight, advanced combination and start double back progressions. Our top staff will lead you through drills, progressions and techniques to help you reach your tumbling goals. Athletes must have at least a running tuck to be in this class.

    Click here to see a (June-Aug) schedule & register

    Note: If the blue 'register' button is not present, on the schedule, the class is full. Call our front desk (435-723-1280) for other options.

    * We reserve the right to cancel any class or combine classes due to enrollment

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