Gymnastics class consists of training on all four Olympic events ( bars, beam, floor, and vault). These four events help create a fun environment where athletes can build strength, flexibility, technique, and confidence! Each level our gymnastics program will build individual strength as an athlete and will teach them to love fitness through fun drills and conditioning.

Gymnastics: Ages 6 and up


  • Focus of skills for this level are: cartwheel, front support, forward roll, straddle mount

Beginning II

  • Focus of skills for this level are: one-handed cartwheel, back hip pullover, round-off dismount, and swivel hips


  • Focus on back walkovers, shoots, straddle and squatons
  • Introduction of round-off back handsprings, beginner front tucks, front handspring dismounts, controlled dive rolls


  • Skills include Floor: Fronthandsprings, roundoff-Backhandsprings, Front tucks and Back Tucks.
    Bars: Kipping, Backhip circles, Jumping to high bar and high Bar swings with a dismount.
    Beam: Handstands, Cartwheels, Jumps and roundoff dismounts
  • Coach evaluation required to enroll.

Gym/Tumble Combo Ages 6 and up


  • Learning introductory strength for gymnastics and tumbling
  • Learn beginning tumbling skills on tumble track and trampoline as well as beginning gymnastics skills on bars and floor


  • Level up your skills in this progressive class
  • Alternate between tumble track and trampoline and floor and bars
  • *Coach recommendation required

Pre-Gymnastics Team Ages 4-6

  • Accelerated class without the pressure of competition
  • Getting ready for Team
  • *Coach recommendation required

Jr/Sr Girls Gymnastics Team Ages 5-18

  • Experience the fun and excitement of in house competitions and shows on the four Olympic events (bars, beam, floor & vault)
  • *Coach recommendation required

Skills Clinics: Ages 8 and Up

Work important skill in multiple ways through specifically designed drills proven to improve consistency and confidence

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Private Lessons Available


  • $45 – 30 minute private lesson
  • $70 – 30 minute semi-private lesson (limit is two participants)

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