Ninja Monkey

Ninja Monkeys is an exciting and dynamic program for ages 5-18. It combines the finesse and athleticism of martial arts with the acrobatic nature of gymnastics. It involves a series of skills and ‘tricking’ from which an athlete gets from one place to another.

Tiny Ninjas: Age 5-6 years

Preschool aged ninjas. Working mostly on developmental skills. Our tiny ninjas focus on cognitive, social, and playground skills. We work on problem solving to get through an obstacle course, following directions with our listening skills. We also learn how to do a handstand and cartwheel, all while playing and having fun with our fellow ninjas.

Ninjas: Ages 6-12

Our beginning Ninja class is for those who have never ninjaed before. We learn basic skills with front rolls, vaulting (running), swinging, and flipping. It is a fun and energetic class. We learn how to encourage our fellow ninjas and to help work together as a team.

Mighty Ninjas 8-18

Our mighty ninja class takes the skills that have been taught from our ninja class and increases the challenge for more fun and excitement. Our level of difficulty increases so our ninjas are always growing and improving their skill level.

Master Ninjas: Ages 8-18

Our master ninjas take what they have learned and apply it to new skills. This class will get to increase their difficulty level with their flips, vaults, and wall runs. Our ninjas gain new confidence when they are able to try and eventually master new and exciting skills.

Warrior Ninjas: Ages 10-18

Dedicated to the most advanced skills in Free running, this level focuses on safely executing competition style runs with high levels of difficulty, creativity, and flow.
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Skills Clinics: Ages 8 and Up

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